Charity/Service Activities

Telugu Association of Utah conducts various charity/service activities through the year.

Following are the core activities:
  1. Annadaanam (Food Cook & Serve) - Project Annapoorna
  2. Food Drive - Project Annapoorna
  3. Blood Drive
  4. Children Education Support
  5. Emergency Support
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Steering Committee:

All the charity/service projects taken up by the Telugu Association of Utah are being designed and executed by the Telugu Association of Utah Charity Committee along with the Telugu Association of Utah Board.

Following are the members of the Telugu Association of Utah Charity Committee:
  1. Bhavananda Reddy
  2. Hanumantha Rao Gonuguntla
  3. Jyothi Gudipati
  4. Indrani Balireddygari
  5. Kiran Koduru
  6. Kiran Muthoju
  7. Krishnakanth Desiraju
  8. Ravi Suram
  9. Renu Bakshi
  10. Sagar Srungarakavi
  11. Sai Bhavaraju
  12. Srinivasulu Reppale
  13. Swetha Koduru
If you have any ideas or want to be part of any activity, please reach the Charity committee at

If you want to be part of Charity Committee please email the TAU Executive Committee at

How to participate?

There are many ways one can participate and contribute towards any of the activities taken up by Telugu Association of Utah.

1. Help design an activity
One can work with the Charity Committee in designing a Charity/Service activity and execute it along with the Charity Committee. 

2. Be part of the Committee
One can be part of the Charity Committee and steer all the Charity/Service activities of Telugu Association of Utah.

3. Volunteer
One can just provide voluntary help in executing an activity.  It could be a lead or support help.

4. Host
One can host an activity like food cooking etc.  There is no need to spend any money.  TAU will bear all costs.  Just invite friends to provide voluntary support.
5. Donor
One can donate money in support of any of the activities.  To donate write a check for a desired amount in the name of ‘Telugu Association of Utah’ and hand it over to either Charity Committee members or Board members.  All the monetary contributions are 100% tax deductable.  

You can also donate using PayPal.

For any more information, please email or