Games 2012 Registrations

The weather seems to disagree, but it is summer time and it is time to showcase the sports talents. Continuing with our immensely popular tradition of summer games, Telugu Association of Utah is delighted to announce the summer schedule of “Games 2012”.

“Games 2012” are being conducted as a Fundraiser for “Utah Indians Emergency Fund” that Telugu Association of Utah would be undertaking.

Game Registration End Date Registration Fee Tentative Start Date
Cricket 05/31/2012 $150 per team 06/03/2011
Volleyball 05/31/2011 $60 per team 06/06/2011
Tennis Doubles 05/31/2012 $10 member / $12 non-member 06/23/2011
Tennis Singles 05/31/2011 $10 member / $12 non-member 06/23/2011
Throwball 06/21/2011 $60 per team TBD
 5K Run  TBD  TBD  TBD

All the teams must furnish the following details while registering
  1. Team Name.
  2. Primary Contact Person name, email id, and phone number.
  3. Secondary Contact Person name, email id, and phone number.
All the registration information should be sent to the Sports Committee.  Registration fees are due by the registration end date listed above.  The registration fees can be handed over to any of the Sports Committee or Board Members.  Please contact for any questions related to online payments.

Please note the following:
  1. Decisions and draws published by the Sports Committee are final.
  2. Runner-up prize would be given only if there are at least 3 parties to play.
As mentioned above, this year the games are being conducted as a FUNDRAISER in support of “Utah Indians Emergency Fund”.  If a team/individual player are interested in supporting these activities and want to donate few more dollars, they can add that amount to the registration fee. 

Example: Cricket team “A” wants to donate $50 more ($4.5 donation per person), they pay $200 as the registration fee.

Team/Individual with the highest donation will be duly appreciated and awarded.

Upcoming sporting events:
  1. Carroms
  2. Chess
  3. Table Tennis
Sports Committee can be reached for any questions.