Games 2011

In continuing the tradition of the Telugu Association of Utah to conducts games, Telugu Association of Utah conducted the following games as a fundraiser for 'Child and Education Fund' in the year 2011.
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis - Singles
  • Tennis - Doubles
  • 5K Run

Steering Committee

All the games are being planned and conducted by the Telugu Association of Utah Sports Committee.  Following are the sports committee mmebers.
  1. Ashok Challa
  2. Balaji Pinjala
  3. Naveen Tera
  4. Ravi Darbhamulla
  5. Sandeep Reddy

Sponsoring Donors for Games 2011

The following sponsors have graciously donated money in support of Games 2011
  • Sharada Narsimha Reddy - Cricket Cups
  • Saffron Valley Indian Street Foods - Cricket Man of the Match Gift Certificate
  • Raj Reddy - Volleyball Cups
  • Koduru Adhvaith Reddy - Tennis Cups
  • Ashok Challa
  • Holy Cows Volleyball Team - 5K Run


Game Winner Runner-up
Cricket Spartans Juggernauts
Tennis - Singles Sathish Gopalan Senthil Krishna
Tennis - Doubles Vijay & Sathish Gopalan Manoj & Sam
Volleyball Holy Cows A Volley Diggers

Sports Committee can be reached for any questions.